Dr. Karly is passionate about the subjects she teaches! With degrees in communication, psychology and sociology, Dr. Karly is a lifelong learner who thrives on sharing insights with her classes.

If you’re taking a class with Dr. Karly, know that you will be  connecting a great deal of the course content to one of your favorite subjects (yourself ;-) ! She is committed to helping others experience those “aha!” moments to transcend their stories and realize their dreams.

Here are her Yavapai College course offerings for Fall:

For Fall 2014 (semester start date of 8/18-12/14/2014):

  • Hybrid COM 134 (CRN 38056) - Wed 2-3:15 pm (Verde)
  • Online SOC 140 Sociology of Intimate Relationships and Family (CRN 37061) 
  • Online or Hybrid SOC 101 Wed 12:30-1:45 pm (Verde, CRN 37058) Online section: 37059
  • Hybrid SOC 101 Wed 6-7:15 pm (Prescott Valley, CRN 38050)

To register for upcoming classes, click on the Yavapai College web site, www.yc.edu

Notes from former students:

“Just so you know,  YOU are the best teacher I’ve ever had (well, maybe after Mrs. S. in third grade!)  I have learned so much from you and your classes, Karly – you are a very gifted woman.” Former Student, Com 134 and Soc 140

“I am loving the book that you wrote. I read it and then I find it so good that I have to read it out loud for my husband. Now my sixteen year old daughter wants to read it too : ) Fantastic!”  Student, Interpersonal Communication

“I want to thank you for all of the great classes I had the honor of taking with you. You are an amazing instructor and wonderful person and I am extremely glad I got to take as many classes as I did from you.” Former Student, Sociology 101 and Psychology 101

“I do have to say you are probably my all time favorite teacher. There’s just something about you I guess!” Student, Social Psychology

“I am so grateful for you in my life, you are truly an amazing person and have a great inspiring energy about you.” Former Student, Soc 140

“Thank you for such a wonderful semester. I am already signed up for yet another class with you for next semester!!!!” Student, JRN 131

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